Typhoid Immunization Shots Atlanta

Typhoid Immunization Shots AtlantaAnother risk international unvaccinated traveler’s face is the possibility of Typhoid.  Atlanta Travel Medicine provides Typhoid immunization and other international travel immunization services.  This is a life-threatening illness that is caused by bacteria, and about 6,000 cases occur each year in the US, but most cases happen during international travel making up to 75%. This is still a major issue in any developing countries, and affects 21 million people a year. This can be treated normally with antibiotics, but it is a good idea to know what to do for protection.  


How You Can Get It


  • Sharing drinks with a person that has it

  • Water that is contaminated with the bacteria (Washing clothes, Drinking, and Food)

  • Sewage leaking into any water supply


The professionals at Atlanta Travel Medicine provide Typhoid immunization and help educate travelers about the risks of typhoid when traveling abroad.  A Typhoid Immunization may be one of the vaccinations you need for your travels.  Check with Atlanta Travel Medicine to make sure you have what you need to make your trip safe and healthy.