Malaria Immunization Shots Atlanta

Malaria Immunization Shots AtlantaInternational Travel Medicine provides Malaria Immunization Shots and other international travel immunization services. Malaria can be a fatal disease and is caused by a parasite that attacks certain mosquitoes that then feed on humans. Some of the symptoms of Malaria are: high fevers, chills, flu like illness, and more. This can be a very deadly disease but by getting the right Malaria immunization shots at Atlanta Travel Medicine you can not let this worry you on your next international trip.

The CDC and International Travel Medicine Atlanta recommends that international travelers to certain regions get a Malaria vaccination shot and also have a detailed itinerary with all destinations just to check if Malaria has been spotted in these areas before or after you go. There are also Malaria maps available for you to determine if you will encounter any of these areas.

Recommended vaccinations for preventing malaria differ by country. Atlanta Travel Medicine will work within CDC guidelines and resources to ensure that you get the correct Malaria Immunization Shots. Please remember a Malaria Immunization shot is important and also should include personal protective measures such as long sleeves, repellent, ect. Contact Atlanta Travel Medicine today and set up your appointment or do it online and make your international travel a safe one.